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Monday, December 13, 2004

leaving home learning language

So here it is. The first blog of an Irish Guy living on the Cote D'Azur, and how blue it is. Many times I have asked myself what am I doing here and how did I get here. Coming from Ireland, I have come from a place that has little or no knowledge of the War (ww2), little or no knowledge of cultural diversity. and certainly no knowledge of how life is lived on the South coast of France.
If this was a place that spoke English I would say it would be called a melting pot, but despite the meterological temperature here, I am guessing, (still after one and half years ) that little melting, and then therefore little mixing goes on. Yes there seems to be diversity but in itself, it is each grouping to its own. I will write more about this as this blog develops.
My life has been complicated to say the least and I have decided to blog to share my experiences but also to share what I feel I have learnt over the last few months, about Race, Culture, Identity, language, and many more issues that are interrealted besides.

I hope that those who read this site take it for a sharing and not a judgement. I would never place myself as someone who knows all the answers, but I have to, being the man that I am, put my experiences into perspective. Finally I am diaspora, exiled, foriegn, and yet still Irish. What does it mean for me to be Irish? Ha well I feel a connection with a culture, a place, an ancestory, and a way of looking at the world. I call it Irish. Yet, I am aware that others who identify with this title, may not identify with my views.

So I will post my journal, my thoughts and my experiences. I will write about real people, real issues and hope that those who read, even though they may disagree, will at least understand or strive to do so. That people will try to see the bigger picture I am trying to describe and that you won't be too judgemental of my words, thoughts, and actions. So for the next few months sit back read and enjoy. Know you are welcome. Visit often I will update a lot. From time to time share your thoughts with me, not on the nitty gritty but the bigger image I try to project here.

Why? Simply because I want to and I wish I had known what I know now before I came here.


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