learning French Cultural diversity

Monday, December 13, 2004

This is my first real journal experience that I post word for word. The first and last time I will do it. but what the heck maybe some of you have similar experiences.

So now I know why French people don’t eat frys. Given that the eat all their food outdoors and frys are very greasy, and there fore reflect all light shone upon them with great intensity, I discovered this morning that the net effect of eating a fry on the terrace at 1130 am in the morning is severe but temporary blindness. Once in a while this may do no harm but perhaps every day would result in a nation of white sticked Labrador lovers inside of the poodle pinching prats that seem to inhabit a lot of this area.

Today we got temporary social security which means I can finally go and get this scan done on my body to get some cartilage fixed in my leg. R is going to ring the doctor now.

My French is progressing somewhat but still a long way to go. To give an example of why you should learn the language of the country before you go there……get this. I spent the weekend humping tiles and cement all over the place with bp who then gets on to the roof ( le toit) in Falicon to fix the holes. He stands on a beam ( a tasso) with a bunch of tiles( les tuiles) in his hand and earlier we had been talking about the piping (tuiot ) for the septic tank. Anyway the beam cracks in the middle so I shout up Hey Jerome watch out for the rotten tile………It’s nothing he says …..I say “no the roof is rotten……..he says I know…….I say" bp" ………..he says ………What? Look! Oh Shit he says That’s a beam Cg not a tile. Luckily it didn’t break right through but actually I think it was only the other tiles he was standing on that kept him there till it was fixed. He reckons two more weekends for the roof. And the place ready by the end of September. I reckon Christmas at the rate we are going. o is getting on really well and correcting my French now. R is very content. I am not but it’s only the normal change effect really kicking in. Got some more stuff from the boxes i.e. filters and that so all is fine really. Sunshine kicking in the vitamins and the food is good but the flies in Entrevaux are Gross just sickening makes me wanna vomit. First time I was there the meat was all bloody when it came to the table now it has to burnt????? Makes you wonder you had a dose of what in the intervening time J.